The Kenwood TS-990 vs Icom IC-7800

Видео: The Kenwood TS-990 vs Icom IC-7800

One final.the Kenwood Is REALLY nice radio. It's just amusing that so many try to make the 7800 seem like its worthless now. It was intrepid when it was released and still is an amazing radio. When the new firmware is released, it will again have the gadgets everyone else has and still be the complete package. .05 ppm oh ya.
It's also hard to compare scopes when the Icom is running ancient firmware. Again what's the point of the cheesy little screen.? It's just repeating what little info it displays from the large screen. Oh and when the next firmware update for the 7800 comes out in a few months, the Kenmore will again be behind in screen usefulness.
Clearly the Kenwood wins. The bandscope is so slow on the Icom making it just a fancy meter enhancement. The Kenwood scope is useful (although also slow). For a real scope, I'll go with FlexRadio.
I have asked a few friends around which is not HAMs to listen to the signals. This way I think it could be objective. 5 out of 5 says that one of the two sound much more clear (better than the other) and is less harsh on the ears. The independant audio vote goes to the Kenwood. For me, both are great rigs.
I have to say going by this very bad side by side comparison in my opinion, the icom 7800 wins hands down on the RX, the ts990 in this video sounds dreadful and the 7800 sounds alot more natural sounding.. I have the 7800 and wouldnt part with it.. This video has totally put me off the ts990 but i will see other videos.. not that keen on how the 990 looks either or is it just me.. looks abit ugly compared to the beautiful 7800.. who ever designed the ts990 i guess was left handed! James G0SEC.