Kenwood TS990s and Acom 2000

Видео: Kenwood TS990s and Acom 2000

My Kenwood TS-990/ Great chat as usual, feel sometimes your chatting to me the way you present it! I understand about mental health and it can happen to anyone. Had 5 really bad years myself after a spinal injury when in the Ambulance service and i lived for that career, would go back in a heart beat, got told i would not be fit enough to return so in affect my world ended, with the care of my good lady and friends i pulled through. Amateur radio helped actually plus getting out and fishing, both solitary but its like i needed time. I feel ok now but respect anyone who has issues, its really hard to dig yourself out. Ignore the thumbs down, you always get a thumbs up from me!
13k subs seems not unrespectable for a niche field such as ham radio. Perhaps if you were to angle your videos to the doomsday prepper/zombie apocalypse types you'd start draw in a new crowd? Lots of "What's the best Baofeng for your bug out bag?" type videos. "How to build a tinfoil hat for your Yaesu to protect it from an EMP. "An underground dipole for your newly acquired Royal Observer Corps bunker". That sort of thing.