Kenwood TS-990S UnBoxing

Видео: Kenwood TS-990S UnBoxing Video

This is the Kenwood TS-990S Ham Radio, just a quick unboxing and a quick test video Gday from VK. I am giving this rig some serious attention now, what if any short commings ?? and or things that could be better and how would you say it stacks up against the IC7800 forgetting the $ tag of both. Thanks for the video also, makes me want one even more to give my 440sat a stable mate. :)
I like the way U Made this video , I wuld have done the same waiting on the window for the Delivery truck , hope U enjoyed , in near or far future maybe will be My turn ?,.....
Very nice why did you use leg tuner hasn't the rig got a tuner or is the ldg better if so which model do you use regards Adi G7MUY
So this is what the 1 percent looks like ... (I'm only joking man, awesome radio and nice good humored video - enjoy that gorgeous radio, you deserve it!)
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