Setting up Kenwood TS-890 for FT8 operations

Видео: Setting up Kenwood TS-890 for FT8 operations

Here is a simple setup to get FT8 using WSJT-X program to work on TS-890. Please download and install these programs and software. Install all except FT8 before connecting to radio. here are links to software and programs.
Here are settings to radio
Advance menu #17 = PTT
Advance menu #18 DTR= PTT
Hold in DATA
Rear : DATA Send = USB
MENUES 7-01, 7-02 = 115.2 USB Baud Rate
Power 25 watts
Upper sideband
menu 7-06=50 7-08= 100
7-11 Audio Output type= received audio Only
Upper sideband, IF filter s/b 200-2800
no NR, NB,BC, PROC off, TX/TX EQ off
Set Meter to ALC to adjust in WSJT-X pgm = Pwr Slider - APX 70%
Default settings for baud
HOLD in BAND SCOPE [SCP] to see audio levels.
One more point. In the radio DATA set up screen you are showing DATA MODE OFF so your settings are good but wont be used. You have to put the radio in USB-D for data mode while in USB then it will use the settings you configured in the DATA MODE screen. When using a program like WSJT-X the radio will show USB-D. Also in DATA MODE be sure Mic is OFF for both horizontal rows. You don't want stray audio coming in via the mic while receiving audio from the PC.